How to Choose the Best Poker Apps?

Poker, a game believed to have originated in the US in the late mid to late 19th century, is played with 2-10 players to make the best sequence out of 5 cards. The most popular version of poker which you see being played in movies, on TV, or live streams is No Limit Texas Hold em, the aim of Texas Hold em is simple, make the best five-card poker hand from the two cards you have been dealt and the five shared cards in the middle of the table or act like you have the best five-card hand.


Choosing the best poker app can be difficult sometimes on top of the endless options available nowadays, choosing the right ones can be confusing at times, an ideal app should allow users to practice and improve their poker skills without any financial risk, however, there are different apps through which one can start practicing or play real-time.

Ensure reliability- To know if any app is legit or not it can be known through its reviews and ratings, if the app has good ratings with positive reviews then it can be considered reliable and has been downloaded by many people ensuring safety.

Availability of options – To get a variety in the types of poker, it is advisable to opt for apps that cater to various options like Texas hold em, Card Draw, Chinese Poker, Stud, Razz, Community card Poker, Deuce to Seven Triple draw, etc., a variety in options enhances ones playing experience and is also highly entertaining making the game more interesting.

User-friendly interface- The interface of such apps should be user-friendly for people to easily navigate through on their own and can be figured out easily for the convenience of the player.

Payment options- There are certain poker apps through which you can win real money so while downloading any poker app it is crucial to check the authenticity and security of the payment, if there are a variety of payment options then it can be considered safe and reliable.

Customer support- Customer support in any app dealing with money should be 24/7 ensuring there are multiple support channels and players are guided through any issue.

Hand rankings in poker

 Cards of lowest to highest ranking are:-

 1) High card where no two cards are the same and the five cards don’t connect in any other way.

 2) One pair, where two cards are of the same value, Aces are the highest pair and a pair of twos is the lowest 

 3) Two pairs, in this example could be 2 kings or two 2sixes.

 4) Three of a kind, in this there are three similar cards, like 3 sevens, and it beats two pairs.

5) Full house, also known as a boat, is where you have three-of-a-kind plus a pair which is a very strong hand but can be beaten by quads.

 6) Royal flush is the highest ranking of hands, which is a straight flush from ten to ace and is unbeatable.


In conclusion, the game aims to make the best five-card hand, this could be a combination of two whole cards and three community cards, one plus four, or five cards in the middle of the table, in the game poker sequence is the different combination of hands that is to be made to win.

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